future dreams

091Pengraig Home ed 2011

Well as many people know we are in .slight limbo till we know whether we have succeeded in buying our farm base…..however

This it what we will do if we secure our base…..

Organise more kids camps and more camps and day workshops at the farm for teenagers !!

A regular home education day once a week,

Offer respite care days to local people with learning disabilities.

Open a bush craft centre and forest school.

Run a shamanic type retreat healing centre for disaffected youth, with trained counsellors.

Provide workshop space for local “micro” businesses.

Fundraise to take a team of young people to india to help initiate a theatre piece (possibly working with street kids)…to assist in the education of the mountain people of India about the important role they play in preserving the global fresh water supply for the whole planet!


Fundraise for the planting of a sacred grove permaculture garden in the mountains of India,
to help demonstrate how reforestation can be encouraged with a living practical example that still provides food while protecting our future water supply.

Provide a space for an eco village “one planet development” with help to go through the planning application.