Helen 1Helen Hatt.

I ‘ve been working with children and young adults for over 30 years providing educational entertainment at outdoor events with this voluntary organisation, The Majical Youth Theatre Project. I have travelled the length and breadth of the UK serving the needs of families by providing fun and theatre everywhere they let me ! I’ve been involved in setting up a number of communities over the years using co operative principles and am dedicated to home education and helping young people and underdogs navigate the stormy seas of life!

mytp oscarOscar McKay.

Oscar is one of the up and coming core team members of Majical Youth. Presently engaged on a blacksmith`s course in his time off. “I love Majical Youth and the skills I have learnt and have yet to learn. It’s a very original operation and there aren’t many things that it can be compared to.”



Majical Youth Back Office Support Team.


mytp henryHenry O’Tani.

Consultancy: Strategies for maximizing creativity + invention. Egalitarian team building. Stakeholding, shared ownership + privatization incentive models. Small business architecture.
Seeking: Humanitarian & philanthropic socio-economic & technological solutions to meet global challenges. (Making disenfranchisement, poverty and unsustainable global environmental depreciation, technically outmoded!)
(25 years of strictly un-remunerated enthusiastic promotion and servicing of housing cooperatives in the SW region..)